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Sesame Street Birthday Theme Ideas

Every year for my twins birthday I try to choose a fun creative theme which relates to them. This year’s theme was Sesame street, as they started watching it both in Arabic and English. Memo and Meme’s favorite characters are Elmo, Big yellow bird(english version) and they mostly like Cookie monster (assuming he is the funniest). I personally enjoy making decoration for my kids’ birthdays from scratch, but this year I am mostly proud of my cookie monster’s pinata.

Today I will be sharing with you simple fun ideas for a Sesame Street inspired birthday. I will start with the process of making a Cookie Monster Pinata.


Here’s what you need (make sure to use recycle boxes if possible):

  • Thick White paper
  • An old coffee mug box
  • Small round foam pieces for the eyes
  • Dark blue tissue paper
  • Black marker
  • Strong glue
  • Double Sided tape
  • Scissors
  1. Start by cutting two large circles from the white thick paper, and connect them (using tape) by a long rectangular cartoon box (here I used as I mentioned before an old coffee mug box).




  • You see here how I tapped them very well together.

2. Start cutting the blue tissue paper in the same way as you see in the picture.

3. Then stick the tissue paper on the circular surface one layer on top of the other.





4. Place double sided tape in the middle area and stick blue tissue paper on top of it.

5. Draw the eyes on the white foam and draw the mouth(cut according to the shape)

6. Stick the eyes and the mouth

7. Finally, add a string at the tope of the Pinata to hang it to the ceiling.



Another creative idea for a Sesame Street birthday that I made was the photo shot area. Where I drew both Elmo and the Cookie monster stuck them to the wall, and placed a Sesame street birthday banner on top. The kids absolutely loved taking pictures in this little corner.

I also made a little adjustment to a ready made floral shaped birthday decoration by sticking eyes to them (the shape of the eyes is inspired by the actual characters).

Finally find yourself a good cake maker, my twins cakes were absolutely creative and delicious. Thank you Sara Kamel.



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