What to pack in your Backpack Mommies when traveling with toddlers?

Let me start of by telling you how terrified I was to travel to Jordan with my toddlers (god bless them), but the idea was really worrying me. Before a week of my travel, I made an intensive research of what I should pack with me on the airplane. But the best advices were given to me by a close friend, who has good experience in traveling with toddlers.

First of all and most importantly travel with a single backpack which you should carry moms. No need for a purse or handbag in this situation and definitely no small bags for the toddlers ( as you will end up carrying all of them). Try to find a backpack that is easy to carry and comfortable on your shoulders. In the picture below is the backpack I carried, it had enough space to pack everything and yet it wasn’t heavy at all.


Second, pack a change of cloth  for each toddler alone in a ziplock bag(including undergarments, socks,wipes and diapers for the little ones). Why ziplock bag, and this is one of the best advices my friend gave me, incase of a spill of water or milk the cloth stay unharmed.



Third, prepare an activity bag/folder for each toddler. I personally included their favorite story books, coloring papers, small pencil case with colors, empty papers for different activities ( for sticking stickers, drawing and scribbling). And to tell you the truth, this activity bag was a life saver when visiting friends, restaurants and checking out new places. I would give it to my kids, and they would spend hours coloring, drawing etc. And yes pack extra coloring papers, colors and stickers for the whole trip.

Activity Folders/bags from Daiso(Japanese Store)


Everything packed and ready 

Third, please pack the necessary medicines and a thermometer, as many airlines don’t provide medicines aside from Panadol tablets.

Finally, don’t forget to pack little snacks for your little ones.

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip to Jordan:






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