What to pack in your Backpack Mommies when traveling with toddlers?

Let me start of by telling you how terrified I was to travel to Jordan with my toddlers (god bless them), but the idea was really worrying me. Before a week of my travel, I made an intensive research of what I should pack with me on the airplane. But the best advices were given… Continue reading What to pack in your Backpack Mommies when traveling with toddlers?

DIY, Fun for Toddlers

Sesame Street Birthday Theme Ideas

Every year for my twins birthday I try to choose a fun creative theme which relates to them. This year's theme was Sesame street, as they started watching it both in Arabic and English. Memo and Meme's favorite characters are Elmo, Big yellow bird(english version) and they mostly like Cookie monster (assuming he is the… Continue reading Sesame Street Birthday Theme Ideas


DIY Pompoms Headpieces

I am in love with those colorful pompoms, specially when I find them on little girls outfits, shoes, hairbands etc. But to tell you the truth, you can easily make cute little things from pompoms bought from any craft store. So I decided to make my daughter¬†gorgeous pompoms headbands, which only took five minutes of… Continue reading DIY Pompoms Headpieces

Fun for Toddlers

Best Homemade Play dough Recipe

Ever since I first bought the twins their first set of play dough, and I am continuously purchasing a new set almost every month, if not before that. The problem with play dough it never lasts enough , it usually hardens quickly and then ¬†disposed. But my major problem with be, that my little one… Continue reading Best Homemade Play dough Recipe